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A Collective Bookmaking Experience
3 May 2012 in Berlin

1/2 proposes an experience of book making. The idea is to make a collective publication in real time with only the help of a copy machine. The action is open to the public and starts with a call for entries where everybody can send via post a photograph they want to share. The aim is to generate an original publication with copies of copies of copied images, the copies becoming an original artwork.

Duplicata is kindly supported by Modulor Stiftung, Papyrus Com., Nina Reisinger and Tecco.

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Ces photographies sont extraites d’une série en cours d’accomplissement : Après tout. Elle sera montrée en novembre 2012 à Paris.
Au commencement, aucun souci d’unité thématique. Si des liens entre les images se tissent après coup, je les assimile à des terminaisons nerveuses. Vouloir parler de la vie de son esprit en plein milieu du monde sans être saisi par le délire, c’est un souci quotidien. La seule question qui vaille pour moi aujourd’hui.

These photographs are from a series is being made: Après tout. It will be shown in Paris in November 2012. Initially, no worries of thematic unity. If links are forged between the images after the fact, I equate them with nerve endings. Want to talk about the life of my mind in the middle of the world without being seized by the delirium is a daily concern. The only valid question for me today.

Amaury da Cunha

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