Album, Magazin für Fotografie

Issue #1 “Introducing”

Put together and curated by photographers, Album is a mirror, a field for experiments, a platform for young and emerging artists in contemporary photography. A magazine fundamentally dedicated to photography in all its diverse aspects: Photography in the form of images as well as in texts, in the sense of a verbal interpretation.
Once every six months we take a spontaneous but serious look at new approaches and perspectives towards photography. Double pages with 760 x 520 mm on newsprint reproduce the images almost as big as their actual exhibition size. The aim is to create networks for artist and art-historians, who are willing to shape and further develop this project along with us.

Album‘s first issue “Introducing” is a pilot but no prototype. We lay down the setting that precedes the series, not only preparing a simple mold, in which future content would only have to be poured in.
This first issue deals with our immediate surrounding: Klasse Martin Liebscher, Hochschule für Gestaltung and Offenbach.

Egor Kirpichev
Marie-Luise Marchand
Ville Lenkkeri


contributors are
Victor Balko,  Clemens Bechmann, Oliver Dignal, Lena Ditlmann, Max Eulitz, Jule Hillgärtner, Prof. Dr. Christian Janecke, Timo Klos,Egor Kirpichev, Ville Lenkkeri, Marie-Luise Marchand, Jan Nikolai Nelles, Patrick Raddatz, Pujan Shakupa, Stefan Stark, Thomas Weyand,

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