Stranded in Canton

William Eggleston’s Stranded in Canton
Book and DVD, Twin Palms


William Eggleston’s pioneering video work, “Stranded In Canton,” has been restored and is finally available, almost thirty-five years after it was made. The book contains forty frame enlargements from the digital re-master, a brief appreciation from filmmaker Gus Van Sant, and a DVD of the 77-minute film itself, along with more than thirty minutes of bonus footage and an interview with Mr. Eggleston conducted at the 2005 Toronto Film Festival.

“Shot in 1974 with a Sony Porta-Pak, the crazily careering Stranded in Canton documents a cast of hard-drinking Southerners with the intimacy, ease and instability of a seasoned participants. Whiffs of Southern Gothic are not new to Mr. Eggleston’s work, but here they rise to the surface-fierce, tragic and proud.” The New York Times


Stranded in Canton, de William Eggleston et Robert Gordon, inédit en salle en Europe, avec des images du photographe lui-même de 1973, tournées avec une Sony Porta-Pak, montées en 2005, mélangeant de tendres images de ses enfants à la maison avec celles de soirées bien arrosées, d’urination publiques et d’un homme arrachant la tête d’un poulet devant une foule en délires à la Nouvelle Orléans.


Interview Magazine currently has an interesting exchange between William Eggleston & Harmony Korine on their website. Although Korine addresses the same territory as every other interviewer (Eggleston’s landmark use of color, his relationship with Szarkowski and MOMA, his interest in the American vernacular landscape, etc.) there are some engaging insights.

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