“Time Zone” project is introduced by a group of photographers, living in different time zones.

Pablo Carrera Oser

This project explores, through photography, the sense of time, especially the
instantaneous time of our life and our society. The photographers decided to
share their free interpretations of being in the world, in this common space
called “Time Zone”.

Filippo Romano

Some of them searched wether inside the intimate or in the collective memory, others worked on sociological and architectural environments. All of them tried to find an authentic sense of time, suspended between the contemporary imposition of the immediacy of consumerism and medias, and the biological schedule of life.

collection David Damoison

The project is a deep and poetic reaction to the modern evolution of
culture and of humanist values. “Time Zone” is not just a diary of nostalgic photographers, but a group project made out of different visual experiences, gathered under the same open question about time and the concern of the photographer as witness and actor of his contemporary time.

Olivier Thebaud / Arte

Timezone is initiated by Tangophoto members and guests Vincent Delbrouck, Lorenzo Castore, Marc Cellier, SevenTProject and Bamako African photography biennale’s workshop.

Timezone online


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