Soleritown is a photo reportage project of the Architecture of Paolo Soleri (Turin, 1919). 
Conceived by the cultural association plug_in, it is also supported by the Cultural Institute of the Province of Turin and Fondazione Ordine Architetti PPC in Turin. For the first time, the American works of Paolo Soleri are represented in the photographs of two Italian photographers : Emanuele Piccardo and Filippo Romano.

Filippo Romano
Soleritown is a visual and critical reflection of the idea of « city » as expressed by Paolo Soleri in the two city fragments, Arcosanti e Cosanti, located in the desert of Arizona. The arcology, a concept synthesized from the union between architecture and ecology, has been Soleri’s central idea since the 1950’s, starting from tabula rasa with the shapes and typology in the desert. The photographs are a tool to see and critically analyze these places. In turn, these images are part of new iconography that is itself connected to the tradition of American photography. Arcosanti and Cosanti are two places that have been represented only in sketches and models. From this gap, arises the idea of giving actual visual representation to Paolo Soleri’s architecture and work.

Filippo Romano

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