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black box III/I, 1999, 95x145cm, C print, unique

black box III/II, 1999
95x145cm, C print, unique

Alessandra Sanguinetti

from The Adventures of Guille and Belinda and the Enigmatic Meaning of Their Dreams
Cibachrome Print

CLINIC, the first project developed by RVB, aims to explore the aesthetics of the medical universe through contemporary photography. Going beyond photojournalism, twelve photographers have confronted their unique perspectives regarding the multiple facets of this theme. Partly created through artist residency programs in hospitals, their works deliver an intimate vision of these spaces and their inhabitants.

Olivier Amsellem, Constant Anée, Eric Baudelaire, Christophe Bourguedieu, Geoffroy de Boismenu, Peter Granser, Jacqueline Hassink, Albrecht Kunkel, Ville Lenkkeri, Matthew Monteith, Mario Palmieri, Stefan Ruiz

Geoffroy de Boismenu / CLINIC / RVB

Thies Rätzke
Under control, 2003


Essay on the controlled area in the heart of a nuclear power plant where radioactivity happens to occur.

Masao Yamamoto


Working from a Zen philosophy of “emptiness”, Masao Yamamoto’s images are essentially vignettes of nature and our intersection with it, ruminating over the passage of time and memory. His finished prints are miniature treasures—averaging 3 x 5 inches and smaller—that are toned, stained, torn, marked, rubbed and creased. His marring and tainting of the prints in this manner results in a kind of accelerated aging.


Trained as a painter, Masao Yamamoto has been a photographer since 1975. Of all the images he has taken, none has a discreet identity in terms of title; each piece is numbered but part of a continuous series. Like a community, the images are independent of one another but at the same time part of a collective. Yamamoto’s series began in 1993 as “A Box of Ku”—ku meaning “emptiness” in Japanese—and currently continues under the title “Nakazora,” which has an even more enigmatic definition : the space between sky and earth, the place where birds, etc. fly. Empty air. Mid-air. An internal hollow. Vague. Hollow. Around the center of the sky. A state when the feet do not touch the ground. Inattentiveness. The inability to decide between two things.


Wim Wenders
Pictures from the Surface of the Earth

The “Picture Haiku’s”

After A “Tote Hosen” Concert At The Westfalen Stadium, Dortmund
With all that loud music still ringing in my ears,
the shouts and the hammering
of the roadies disassembling the stage
seemed muted,
like an eerie silence,
forever the soundtrack to this picture.

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